Friday, March 18, 2016

Those Tricky Leprechauns!

Look what the Leprechauns did!  Despite making traps, the leprechauns were able to play tricks on us! They turned our milk green, our toilet water green, and left footprints, gold and shamrocks in our classroom.

Yay! Spring... For now

We have the best play area in our town!  Happy kids playing on the town green!

100 Cans of Food

Kindergartners walked to the Have a Heart Food Shelf in town. They collected 100 cans of food as a celebration of the 100th day back in February.  This week’s weather was warm enough to finally bring the wagon full of food to the Food Shelf.  Kids learned about where the food goes and took a tour of the food shelf.  Much fun was had by all!

Puppet Greeting

What better way to greet one another than with friendly puppets!  Kids loved the puppet greeting and we were able to keep them for choice time!

Gnocchi Makers

Our February theme topic is all about Families.  We are learning that all families are different.  Some families are made of 2 people, while other have 10.  Some families like to hike while others like to swim together.  What ever the difference, they all have love.  Ms. Laura came in to share about her family.  Guess what they like to do together?  You got it cook.  And they really like cooking pasta.  Ms. Laura showed us how to make gnocchi.  Yum Yum!

100th day

Kindergartners enjoyed celebrating the 100th day!  We made 100 day snack mix and had fun with the number 100!